Acquiring Warranty Customers at Scale

Learn how Vision helps this national insurance company drive a highly automated, personalized customer acquisition strategy.


Approximately 77% of U.S. consumers own a smartphone and spend an average of 5 hours per day using it. The average consumer pays $567 for a new smartphone. The manufacturer’s warranty has limited coverage. More and more consumers are opting for additional coverage to protect their purchase. A large national provider of mobile phone insurance works with cell phone carriers to offer consumers protection options for their devices. They needed a way to quickly onboard new customers with detailed and personalized information about the specific plan they purchased. They also required an automated workflow for managing individual claims and ensuring compliance.

The Vision Solution

There are 14 national carriers, each with unique plan options, terms, conditions and service coverage that equals over 650 different combinations of welcome kits, program changes, claims, individual state rules and regulations and affidavits. Our focus was on building better marketing with personal engagement at scale. We started with developing an automated process to receive large volumes of data segmented by the carrier with individualized plan information. From there we optimized the entire workflow, so once we acquired data, we were able to automatically check and validate, communicate any anomalies and immediately begin production.

How Vision Did This

  • Personalize relevant messages at scale: We created a fully automated process that generates one-to-one welcome kits in print, email or both, customized to the consumer’s carrier, device and plan. When a consumer signs up they receive a welcome kit outlining their specific plan and its unique features. It explains how to make a claim and includes terms and conditions based on the consumer’s home state. We also created a parallel workflow for managing claims.
  • Empower access, maintain control and distribute more marketing: Our robust marketing automation solution enables our client to manage these complex and personalized campaigns across each carrier and channel. They can track any welcome kit or claim in the production process. We establish set email and print templates and zones. Each zone is based on configured business rules. This allows for complete automation from data to creative to production, as well as flexibility based on what cell phone carrier and insurance plan the consumer purchased. The result is a fully personalized welcome kit.
  • Seize the moment with accelerated speed to market: The ability to take intelligent data and transform it into a personalized and highly relevant welcome kit, claim or compliance is critical. Timing is everything. We deliver these variable messages precisely within a specific time frame with 100% on-time delivery and accuracy.

The Vision Impact

  • Meets 100% on-time delivery on a daily basis
  • Fully automates workflow to manage thousands of variable data elements that result in 100% accuracy
  • Creates optimized templates for variable data based on individual purchases

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