Financial Services

Make Relevant Offers to Qualified Borrowers and Buyers at Key Decision Moments

When consumers take the big steps in life, they need financial services to enable or protect the next phase of their lives. We understand that and can help you reach those very consumers at the critical moment when decisions are made about financial services.

What Business Do You Need to Grow?

  • Home mortgages
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Home equity loans
  • Car loans
  • Car insurance

Loan Shopper Engagement

Every day hundreds of thousands of consumers begin the application process for home mortgages and home equity lines of credit. As a credit bureau processing agent, we have the daily access, platform and expertise to convert this extremely accurate and time-sensitive data on loan seeking, credit qualified shoppers into highly relevant, response-proven and personalized offers that are delivered to the market at scale, 12 hours later. We do it with unparalleled precision and conversion rates.

Insurance Shopper Engagement

Millions of people reveal themselves daily as auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy prospects through trackable activities and behavior. We harness this data quickly and effectively. Every 24 hours we combine multiple behavior-triggered data sources through our platform and identify prospects. Then we create highly relevant and personalized messages that we deliver at scale. Because we manage the entire marketing supply chain, we deliver exactly the right message, to exactly the right prospects, at exactly the right time with an offer they want­­—delivering the highest performing results in the insurance industry.