Vision Uses MailAnywhere™ to Capture Postage Savings

Vision’s Own PostMaster General

As a 40 year veteran in the mail industry, including 11 years with the United States Postal Service, Mike Rule has seen it all. He has served as a distribution clerk, supervisor, management trainee and superintendent of postal operations. For 23 years, Mike managed all postal and list processing programs for Solar Communications and most recently as Manager of Postal Affairs for Presort Solutions.

Four years ago, Mike joined Tobe Direct (a Vision Integrated Graphics Group company) as the Postal Affairs Manager. He is responsible for finding innovative ways to reduce customers’ postage expenditures. If you ask Mike to name some changes USPS has made over the past few years that most benefit our clients’ bottom line, he will undoubtedly bring up the Mail Anywhere program.

Mail Anywhere is a program that allows full-service mailers to send mail from any mailing location without needing to have additional permits. “The program has several immediate benefits, one being logistics,” explains Mike. “Now that Tobe has met the qualifications and is enrolled in the program, we no longer have to transport our clients mail to the post offices they hold permits with. They also do not have to purchase and maintain permits in our city. We can ship their mail from our facility using their permit.” And does this save our clients money? “In many cases, it can,” says Mike.

SCARBOROUGH, ME - DECEMBER 18: Totes of mail travel along a conveyor belt Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014 at the USPS sorting facility in Scarborough, Maine. Photo by Joel Page/Staff Photographer)

Using Mail Anywhere to Save Big

Finding ways to lower our clients cost is what Mike Rule does. We asked him to share an example where a client saved money by Tobe participating in the Mail Anywhere program. “One Chicago-area hospital runs a 100,000 piece mail program with us each year. In past years, those 100,000 pieces of mail had to be brought to a post office in the South suburbs where the customer held their own permit and was deposited as local entry mail.” explains Mike. “By utilizing the “Mail Anywhere” program, the Postal Service verified and accepted the mail at our Bolingbrook, IL facility where it was produced. Postage was paid through the customer’s mailing permit held at their original mailing post office, eliminating the need to send postage funds to an additional entry post office.”

And how does this save our client money? “Since the mailing was entered through our facility, we were able to use the services of a mail consolidator to ship the finished pallets to the destination postal facilities and capture drop ship postage discounts, resulting in a net savings to this customer of over $3,700.” explains Mike.

This is one example of the benefit in using Mail Anywhere. “We currently have over 30 customers registered for this program with us.” The service is available to mail fulfillment companies who have mailed at 90% full‐service at the business location and met the criteria set by the USPS. We have met these qualifications.”

To find out more about USPS’s Mail Anywhere and discover how Tobe can help you navigate through your next direct mail program, contact your Vision account executive.

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