Essendant Saves with Custom Solutions

Catalog cover program delivers sophisticated branding options to resellers and significant cost savings to Essendant.

Client Background:

Essendant (formerly United Stationers Supply Company) is a Fortune 500 wholesale distributor of over 160,000 workplace essential products. Serving a diverse group of approximately 30,000 re-seller customers, Essendant provides value-added services designed to help customers market their products and services while improving operating efficiency. Vision is proud to have been a partner since 2006 and to have a team of Vision personnel on-site to support the Essendant marketing team.

Story Information:

The partnership with Essendant spans across many varying reseller marketing programs and internal marketing systems and involves almost every aspect of Vision services. Working closely with Essendant over many years we have developed a deep understanding of their business category, competition, brand and target market so that we can provide expert guidance and input into the programs and projects we build and support.

One particular project that has paid dividends to both Essendant and their resellers is a highly customizable catalog cover program. Previously, catalog cover choices were printed in advance which led to a great deal of waste and increased costs while reseller branding was limited to a small imprint area. Working with the marketing team at Essendant, Vision was able to build a system with 125 unique tracks and thousands of cover options that supported much more sophisticated branding for the resellers. They now have a consistent brand coloration for the entire cover – front to back, inside and out. As a HUGE added bonus it provided significant savings to Essendant, a true win win for everyone!!

This is just one example of the many projects we have developed for Essendant throughout our partnership. Other programs include: the design and creation of a sophisticated portal to manage mail lists for direct mail and email programs; the development and execution of an on demand system to create flyers, postcards, coupon mailers and hot sheets from a selection of over 55,000 products with competitive pricing provided to help the reseller set pricing – a definite competitive advantage; and an onsite team of email experts that manage the production and execution of Essendant’s email program.

Services Utilized:

  • Conventional, Digital and Large-format Print
  • Mail and Logistics
  • Data Integration
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Email Services
  • Custom Technology Development
  • Onsite Project Management

There is so much more to these client stories that can be conveyed in this short synopsis. We’d love to get into the details if you’d like to learn more and would welcome the chance to prove that partnering with Vision is the right choice!

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