Five Useful Apps for Sales & Marketing Geeks Like Us

If you’re anything like us, you love apps and you appreciate any app that can help you in real life situations. Sure, one day you thought the ghost hunting app would come in handy so it sat on your phone for months before you realized it was worthless to you. We’re talking about really helpful apps.

Today, we want to introduce to you five apps that we feel all sales and marketing geeks could potentially use at some point. You may have already heard of some of these or have even tried them, but we really took this deep and sought apps that tend to fly under the radar. Here we go!



PaperSize is an app by Design Workshop that helps you identify and convert International paper sizes. For example, you can choose a popular paper size like A4. This app will help you instantly convert from millimeters to inches. You also have quick access to all A, B, C and US paper sizes, right at the tip of your finger. This is a must-have app for those of us in print and direct mail marketing. Cost: Free

Office Lens

OfficeLens is one of our favorite apps. If you are like us, you find ourselves at conferences where a presenter is using a smart board or a white board. Aside from taking notes, we sometimes like to snap a smartphone photo of the board the presenter is using, but we aren’t always seated directly in front of the board, so our photos tend to be skewed. With OfficeLens, this problem is a thing of the past. OfficeLens allows you to snap a photo of the presentation board from side angles then…with some kind of electronic voodoo, straightens your photo out as if you had taken it directly in front of the board. Awesome, I know! Cost: Free


Color Finder

ColorFinder is a great app for identifying a color’s RGB, RAL, PMS, HEX or NCS number. Using your smartphone’s camera, a photo off of the internet or the built-in PMS (Pantone Management System), NCS (National Color System) or RAL (European Color System) color catalogs, you are able to identify or convert tens of thousands of colors right from your phone. Cost: Free

Package Tracker Pro

Package Tracker Pro is an all-in-one package tracking solution. It is a handy tool for those of us who ship and track inventory, store signage and fixture parts or even physical art proofs for approval. You can track packages from a variety of shippers, receive emails and ringtone alerts when activity happens. Most major US shippers participate in the Package Tracker program. Cost: $1.99


Flight App Valk

The best way to describe Flight is that it’s your in-flight therapist. Flight App Valk helps those of us who travel but don’t necessarily enjoy flying. Valk coaches you through moments you may find difficult before, during or after a flight. The app is full of relaxation tips, stretches, breathing techniques and there is even a “panic button” that will play an audio message with a therapist helping you to decrease your tension levels. Enjoy your next business trip with Flight App Valk. Cost: $4.88

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