Increasing Loan Growth with Intelligent Lead Generation


In 2016 first lien mortgages topped $2 trillion for the first time since the end of the housing crisis. There is a growing trend toward ‘non-bank’ lending, both credit unions and non-depository lenders (like Quicken Loans) have cut into national banks share of the mortgage market.

Today’s consumers have more borrowing options. They also need a higher credit score than they did ten years ago to be approved. Lenders need to reach a credit-qualified consumer at the single moment of truth when they are shopping for a new loan is critical for banks, brokers and lenders to grow their market share.

On any given day, thousands of people are making themselves visible and expressing interest in mortgage and equity loans. A large regional bank wanted to drive growth of new mortgage and home equity loans by targeting non-bank customers through utilizing their specific criteria to target credit-qualified potential customers.


We created a data-driven, turn-key campaign by accessing and analyzing loan shopper data and qualifications. Every 24 hours we combined behavior-triggered data, with a client’s specific lending parameters, to produce an extraordinarily relevant and personalized offer for each loan shopper. We delivered an offer for the exact loan product these highly motivated and qualified loan shoppers were seeking at scale through our intelligent marketing supply chain and managed the overall data selection and response analysis. This is how we target exactly the right prospect, with right message and offer, at exactly the right time, to deliver the highest performing results in the financial industry.

The Vision Impact

  • Generated $41 million in new loans.
  • 69% of respondents completed a loan application
  • 86% of respondents who completed a loan application, converted to an approved, booked loan


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