Going Interactive with Southwire Displays

Vision recently worked with electrician tool, wire and cable manufacturer Southwire to develop a unique countertop-style interactive POP (point-of-purchase) display. Southwire was seeking to create 150 of the displays for select retailers across the country.

Completed Display 2The display program initially posed several challenges. “For starters, the display would need to be lightweight and mobile, capable of easily being lifted off a sales counter and moved to a product shelf,” explains Vision account executive Mark Stempel. “We would also have design it to be self-powering, capable of running a 5” LCD screen playing a repeating video.

The display would also need to be secure. Southwire would be showcasing a high-end electronic meter on the display.

Lastly, the displays were going to be used on a temporary basis. Like with most projects, cost was a factor. Using lighter weight materials could keep the cost down but also lessen the display’s strength and ability to hold added visual, power and safety components on top of the display products themselves.

holdersAfter consulting with multiple POP display manufacturers and not reaching a solution they were happy with, Southwire turned to Vision and Mark Stempel for help. Mark, a twenty-six year veteran of the print and POP display industry, spearheaded a design and development initiative that came up with display solution that he hoped would meet the requirements Southwire set forth.

Mark quickly recognized that using coated b-flute corrugated board in a compact manner such as the size of this display, would supply plenty of strength while keeping the unit lightweight (under 3 lbs.). Powering the LCD screen would be a battery pack consisting of six D-cell batteries capable of playing a video loop over 10,000 times. Securing the meter to the display was an 1/8″ aircraft cable.

20160204_164407“The design was not groundbreaking by any means. The key was bringing in the right components to meet Southwire’s needs,” explains Stempel. “What Vision did for Southwire was search harder for a solution. We wouldn’t except what the others told Southwire; that the display required heavier, more costly permanent materials. We went out and found the components that would work. We designed a display that was light, cost less to ship, secure, powered and appealing in design. Our client was very pleased!”

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About Southwire:

Southwire Company, LLC is North America’s leading manufacturer of equipment, wire and cable used in the distribution and transmission of electricity. Throughout its history, our company has sought to help provide power through our products, our service and by helping empower our customers, employees and communities.


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