Personalized Welcome Kits Build Customer Engagement

Vision helps nationwide telemedicine organization drive engagement and onboard new members with personalized welcome kits.


According to a recent survey, 78% of Americans expressed interest in receiving virtual care, but only 21% had done so. Of the 21% that stated they had used a virtual care service, 37% attributed it to convenience, while 34% said it was due to curiosity and 34% said it was due to familiarity with the technology.

One of the nation’s largest providers of virtual medical care had a challenge with how quickly they onboarded new members to their services. They needed to improve their speed to market to get personalized welcome kits to new customers, drive awareness, consideration, and usage of their services. This delay in new members receiving welcome packages had a direct impact on revenue.

The Vision Solution

Every day there are thousands of new members that need to be onboarded and sent a welcome kit. Each kit is highly personalized with plan-specific information. Vision has the power to quickly and efficiently deploy a new onboarding process at scale with an intelligent, connected and data-driven marketing supply chain. Personalization is more than using the consumer’s name. It’s about reaching the right person with highly relevant information that has been created precisely for them. Delivering that message is more science than art. At Vision, we know how to make the science of relevancy, message and scale work for you, and we do it with unbelievable precision.

How Vision Did This

  • Market intelligently with data-triggered tools: Vision powers the creation and management of hundreds of business rules aligned to which new member receives what kind of information. Our rules application allows for real-time additions, edits, and deletes. Approved changes move to production immediately and apply to the next set of data received. Our ability to source and employ intelligent data drives the kind of welcome kits that encourage new members to take action.
  • Personalize welcome kits at scale: We make the science of relevancy, message and scale work with unbelievable precision. With data-triggered rules, we can automate the entire data flow and production process with relevant messages at scale. Through one portal the client can manage content for the 20+ million members that are aligned with 20,000 groups.
  • Seize the moment with accelerated speed to market: We take intelligent data and transform it into a personalized and highly relevant marketing message. We create 25 unique templates with designated zones; and each zone contains personalized data that is relevant to the recipient. With our automated data-driven marketing supply chain, we are able to remove all the manual labor from the process and put welcome kits in new members’ hands faster.

The Vision Impact

  • Reduced time to market from 26 days of new member identification down to 19 days.
  • Increased adoption and usage of services by 20%
  • Saved 15% in overall production costs
  • Streamlined the process allowing the client to build scale without adding headcount.
  • Provided full transparency into overall production process.

Source: Accenture

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