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Why your Digital Strategy Isn’t WorkingWhy your Digital Strategy Isn’t Working

With the skyrocketing growth of mobile, consumer privacy concerns, government regulations and browser restrictions, marketers are finding it harder to consistently identify and accurately track individuals online. We have a solution that can help you target prospects online at a specific household level.

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The Power of PersonalizationThe Power of Personalization

Consumers encounter approximately 5,980 marketing messages each day. To stand out from the crowd and engage your customers, relevant personalization in both digital and physical marketing will be key now and the years to come.

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Direct Mail_It Works in the Digital WorldDirect Mail: It Works in the Digital World

Think direct mail is dead or dying? Think again. In today’s digital world, direct mail is still an effective marketing medium that generates results and is preferred by consumers. Learn how to turn your next direct mail campaign into a profitable tool.

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Avoiding Mistakes and Saving Money on Your Direct Mail CampaignPostal Regulations 101: Avoiding Mistakes and Saving Money on Your Direct Mail Campaign

The USPS has several postal regulations that aren’t particularly well known but could wind up costing you big bucks if you fail to adhere to them on your next direct mail campaign. Avoid mistakes and save money on your next direct mail campaign with these tips.

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MAM_wp_tnThe Value in Marketing Asset Management Solutions

Pressed by senior business executives to maximize the return on marketing spending, astute marketers are aggressively seeking ways to improve the productivity of marketing operations. Marketers are beginning to recognize that increasing the efficiency of marketing operations can be a powerful way to stretch limited marketing budgets.

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g7_wp_tn The Importance of G7

Chasing the proof on press has always been a problem. The “disconnect” between those producing proofs and those printing the final output has long been troublesome, not to mention time consuming and expensive. Color management with ICC profiles by both the agency and the printer has lessened this disconnect, but the problem still remains. G7™, the “Proof-to-Print” Process was developed to bridge the final gap between prepress and printers so that the visual appearance of the proof can easily and reliably be reproduced on press. G7™ is all about establishing a closed loop for visual appearance from print buyer to the agency to the press.

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target new moversWhy Targeting New Movers is the Best Move for Your Business

Businesses lose 20-40% of their customers every year. With customer attrition being so high, new customer acquisition is critical in order to make up for the loss. New movers are a natural replacement for these lost customers.

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One Channel Doesn’t Fit All – The Benefits of Multi-Channel MarketingOne Channel Doesn’t Fit All – The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

In today’s increasingly connected world, relying on one and only one marketing channel won’t win you the results you’re looking for. “One Channel Doesn’t Fit All” discusses the value of multi-channel marketing and how it will win you the results you’re looking for in today’s digital world.

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Using QR Codes to Reach the Busy, Mobile ConsumerUsing QR Codes to Reach the Busy, Mobile Consumer

QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) are 2-dimensional bar codes that have actually been around since 1994. They are widely used throughout Japan and in parts of Europe. With the increased adoption of mobile phones, they are increasing in popularity in the United States.

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