Acquire More Business

Accelerate Acquisition Marketing with the Intelligent Marketing Supply Chain

Put more business on the books with Vision’s intelligent marketing supply chain. Our data-driven, technology-powered solutions enable you to make relevant, time sensitive and personal connections at scale.

How does it work?

Five integrated processes that happen in rapid succession drive programmatic acquisition marketing programs:

  1. Actionable Data Provisioned

We start with intelligent data that tells us what a consumer has done, anticipates their interests and needs, and predicts their next move. Our extensive experience in sourcing, provisioning, managing and interpreting complex data drives the kind of marketing that puts business on the books.

  1. Behavioral Insights Applied

Data alone does not cut it. We have a system to interpret the data and predict behavior. With solid predictions of behavior derived from experience and testing, we design and systematize personalized messages to drive purchases or action.

  1. Highly Relevant, Personalized Messaging Delivered at Scale

Personalization is about reaching the right person, with the right message across multiple channels, with a relevant offer that has been created precisely for them. Crafting that message is now more science that art. Our team has mastered the science of relevancy, message and scale and we combine this to effectively drive business.

  1. Remarkable Speed to Market

Speed to market is everything in behavior-triggered marketing. At Vision, because we control the entire marketing supply channel, we can take the intelligent data, extract behavioral insight, transform it into a personalized and highly relevant marketing message, and post the message in market in as few as 24 hours. We have the ability to put messages in the hands and at the fingertips of your prospects at the moment when the decision is made, driving better results.

  1. Control, Precision and Transparency

We connect the entire process from the data to the message to the production and fulfillment, ensuring complete precision and control. Your digital dashboard gives you the tools to see and control your campaign, so you can ramp up, slow down and change messaging on the fly if needed.

By controlling the entire marketing supply chain, we can take the intelligent data, extract behavioral insight, transform it into a personalized, relevant message, and put it in market within 24 hours, giving you complete control and transparency of the entire process.