Distributed Marketing & Automation Engine

Orchestrate Access, Customization and Automation of Marketing

Need to turn a marketing department of one into an army of many? Need to power the needs of many localized teams and still control your brand? We have the platform to do it.

Make urgent, one-off marketing requests a thing of the past. Empower co-branded marketing ventures and multiple stakeholders to be DIY. Transform the workflow, productivity and effectiveness of your marketing team. At Vision we give you the power to simply orchestrate access, customization and distribution of marketing assets across your organization and your ecosystem, all while protecting your brand.

Your Data and Creative + Our Engine

Our platform will maintain your latest branded and approved templates with a dashboard to drive simple, rapid execution. You can give sales or channel partners the reigns to create customized branded marketing tools on the fly. Powered by a robust business rules engine, the platform enables customization, personalization and localization of your materials and content, all while automating the control and compliance you need to protect your brand. Plus, it frees up your marketing team from all-consuming one-off requests and gives them the time to be more strategic and productive.

Execute Robust Marketing Automation with Precision

Different customers respond to different needs. Execute personalized, relevant marketing campaigns at scale. Vision offers a marketing automation solution that enables you to simply manage complex, personalized campaigns across customer segments and channels.  Our solution includes a robust rules engine that powers your entire marketing supply chain.