Lifecycle Marketing

Effectively Engage Customers across the Entire Lifecycle

Are you maximizing lifetime customer value? It’s easier and more cost effective to build profitable business by effectively managing the lifecycle marketing across current customers. Our robust marketing solutions help you achieve more business throughout the entire customer lifecycle with a complete marketing supply chain and automation platform.

  1. Robust Actionable Customer Data

Start with intelligent customer data. Our extensive experience in sourcing, provisioning, managing and interpreting complex data drives the kind of marketing that puts business on the books.

  1. Rules Engine Drives Automation of Personalized Marketing

Our centralized portal with a robust rules engine gives you the power to personalize enterprise level communications to your customers. We help you build out your customer lifecycle marketing strategy and establish templates, triggers and messaging. Then we orchestrate and automate the process with a rules-based algorithm and a powerful dashboard-controlled platform.

  1. Precise Production of Cross Channel Marketing

You drive highly personalized marketing via digital, email and print channels, with relevant targeted offers based on the combination of dynamic customer data, customer behavior and campaign strategy.

  1. Remarkable Speed to Market

We have control of the entire production channel, which results in amazing speed to market. Our rules engine uses your customer data and behavior triggers, transforms them into personalized and highly relevant offers, and puts the messages in your customers’ hands at the pivotal point when purchase decisions are made.  This has a big impact on conversion rates and your bottom line.

  1. Access, Control, Precision and Reporting

You have access, transparency and a line of sight to the entire process from the data to the message, and to production and fulfillment, ensuring complete precision and control. You see it all from the dashboard and know exactly where your marketing materials are at any moment with the power to ramp up, slow down and change messaging on the fly.