Tips on How to Overcome Your Top Small Business Marketing Challenges

Balancing your marketing budget, visibility and message can be difficult as a small business. In the digital marketplace, your voice is competing to be heard. However, there is one place to escape the crowds while still scaling your marketing message: direct mail marketing for small business. Here are a few marketing challenges direct marketing can help you conquer:

Defining and reaching your target market.

Delving into small business direct marketing gives you the opportunity to connect specifically with your ideal prospects. You can send your message to every household in a particular ZIP code, choose areas by average income, or purchase lists that allow you to select specific target markets by demographic. You can even purchase a new movers mailing list to ensure that your marketing materials are among the first your prospects see when they move to a new area.

Getting your prospects’ attention.

There are millions of marketing messages directed at your prospects. After a while, branded content, billboards, radio ads and others turn into background noise that can easily be tuned out. With direct mail marketing for small business, your messages go directly into your prospects’ mailboxes. Your potential customers hold your messages in their hands. This makes it far more likely to capture their attention. Three out of four consumers read the direct marketing pieces that land in their mailboxes. Also, nearly all American consumers check the mailbox every day.

Tracking your results.

“Analytics” is a big buzzword in modern marketing. Though when you are dealing with marketing messages, it is difficult to concretely measure the effectiveness. With direct mail marketing, there are many tools at your disposal to give you clear answers about campaign success. You can count the number of coupons returned from a specific mailing, such as a new movers direct mail marketing campaign for your local area. You can time mailings to arrive in different areas on different days and track responses based on that. You can give each mailing piece a unique discount code that needs to be supplied when your recipient receives an order. These can give you solid answers about your marketing efforts and help you better direct your future campaigns.

Increasing conversions.

In digital marketing, average response rates come to a total of about .62 percent. Direct marketing can average to 3.7 percent with an established list. The personal nature of direct mail marketing means that your prospects are more likely to respond. You can address them by name and send them materials that make them open the envelope and read what you have to say. Because of this, small business direct marketing boasts an excellent return on your marketing investment.

Improving retention.

Industry figures suggest that it costs five to seven times as much to court a new customer as it does to retain one. Connecting periodically through direct mail can remind current customers about your company and spur new sales. Reach out once through a new movers mailing list and then a few months later with a returning customer coupon to see your retention rates soar.

Today’s marketing includes many channels, each providing unique benefits. By utilizing direct mail, you can create a marketing strategy that addresses and overcomes many of your most pressing marketing challenges.


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