University Powers Personalized Marketing Across Multiple Teams

Vision help this multi-location, for-profit university create a marketing hub to drive personalized, brand-approved marketing.


A leading multi-location higher education institution with over 50 locations and 60+ sales representatives across the U.S., needed to empower local teams to create targeted marketing materials on demand to drive awareness of different programs and courses.

The Vision Solution

Vision created an automation platform with a portal that enabled teams to produce personalized marketing for the programs, courses and locations. This solution enabled the team to provide better marketing with personalization engagement at scale, while simplifying workflows, increasing speed to market and ultimately reducing demands on the marketing team.

How did Vision do this?

  • Empower access, control, and distribution of more marketing: Vision creates a streamlined central marketing hub that houses the client’s entire suite of available marketing options. In addition to standard marketing material orders, this user-friendly online destination provides access to variable print functionality that allows the user to select images, customize text and render a proof. After approval, the user can download an electronic version, upload a mailing list for distribution, or submit a bulk print order. The user also can choose from a variety of large format signage that can be customized based on the location as well as for various trade shows. This access empowers the sales team to create personalized marketing materials and order from one fully integrated destination.
  • Market intelligently with data-triggered tools: Vision powers the creation and management of business rules aligned with goals and objectives. This application allows our client to set specific rules that automate the personalized message based on each unique partnership agreement and the closest location.
  • Personalized marketing at scale: Vision developed a master database of the client’s partners and all the different permeations linked with each partner. This database enables the sales team to select from a set of filters based on who they are targeting and to create unique and customized marketing with detailed and specific information that is personalized for that target audience. We established a set of print templates and zones. Each zone is variable, based on a set of business rules. This approach automates the personalization and localization of the
  • Accelerated speed to market: The ability to take intelligent data and transform into a personalized and highly relevant marketing message is critical. With our fully automated marketing supply chain, we enabled the client to deliver the right message at the right time to drive greater awareness and engagement.

The Vision Impact

  • Consolidated all print and large format signage into a user-friendly single platform, which had an overall print and technology cost reduction of $500,000
  • Empowered local sales representatives to create local on-demand marketing that increased their ability to make a quick impact
  • Streamlined the entire marketing supply chain which lead to a 40% time savings, increased speed to market and reduced errors by 30%


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